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You've mapped out your ideal study abroad/away experience, now it's time to apply for your top choice program by following these simple steps:


#1: Attend a Study Abroad 101 Workshop

These workshops will guide you through critical steps in the study abroad process, such as goal setting, financial and academic planning, program selection, and the application process. All students are expected to attend this workshop and are responsible for understanding the information and policies covered.

Register for a Study Abroad 101 Workshop

#2: Complete the Study Abroad 101 Advising Module

This self-guided online module is required in order to apply for a study abroad program with Cal Poly and covers academic planning, financial planning, program selection, and the application process. 

Complete the Study Abroad 101 Module

#3: Browse Cal Poly approved study abroad programs

We have hundreds of Cal Poly approved study abroad programs in approximately 75 destinations. 

Advanced Search: Find Your Program Program Discovery: Browse by Keyword

#4: Get courses pre-approved

Check to see if the courses you want to take on your program are pre-approved and if not, submit the appropriate substitution forms to get your study abroad courses pre-approved! More information about course planning can be found on the links below:

GE Planning   Major & Minor Course Planning

Note for Cal Poly Global Programs: Students participating on a Cal Poly Global Program do not need to have their GE courses pre-approved since they are enrolling in Cal Poly courses.

#5: Find your program & apply

Programs that are accepting applications will have a green "Apply Now" button on the program homepage. As a reminder, you can only apply to one program per term so only begin an application once you have selected your top choice program.

Need assistance?

Not sure which program is right for you? Look through our different study abroad programs on our Virtual 24/7 Study Abroad Fair page! Our virtual fair contains useful program videos to help you narrow down which types of program options could be a potential fit for you. 

If you still have questions or want to talk over your plans with a peer advisor, drop in during our in-person or virtual advising hours and/or sign up for our interactive Study Abroad 101 Workshop! 

Meet with a Peer Advisor    Register for a 101 Workshop  
Studying on a non-Cal Poly Approved program? Click here to learn about non-affiliated study abroad.