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International Travel

Are you interested in International Travel?

Please carefully follow every step on this page to start the process.


1. First, determine who you are: 

2. Click the link that applies to you above to register for your travel while adhering to the travel deadlines listed below:


Group Trip Leader

NOVEMBER 1 for travel during Spring Quarter including Spring Break
FEBRUARY 1: for travel during Summer Quarter
MAY 1 for travel during Fall Quarter
OCTOBER 1 for travel during Winter Quarter including Winter Break


Individual Student

60 DAYS in advance for international travel 


Individual Faculty/Staff

 Deadlines provided by Strategic Business Services

3. Follow the steps that are listed in the application that pertains to your travel.

All faculty/staff travel must go through Concur. For Group travel that includes students, you start the travel process with the International Center.

Students are required to pay the $200 International Travel Fee. Students are also required to be enrolled in the foreign travel insurance which may be paid by the department/division sponsoring the trip or as of August 1, 2023, may be charged to the student's account.
Please do not use your cell phone to register.
 Please note that un-submitted applications that have been inactive for 14 days will be automatically withdrawn. 
For questions regarding Student and Group Travel, please contact Jessica Michelsen (
For questions regarding Individual Faculty/Staff Travel, please contact Poly Travel (