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International Travel

Are you interested in International Travel?

Please carefully follow every step on this page to start the process.


1. First, determine who you are: 

2. Click the link that applies to you above to register for your travel while adhering to the travel deadlines listed below:


Individual Student/Faculty/Staff


60 DAYS in advance for international travel 


Annual Group Trip Leader

NOVEMBER 1 for travel during Spring Quarter including Spring Break

FEBRUARY 1 for travel during Summer Quarter

MAY 1 for travel during Fall Quarter

October 1 for travel during Winter Quarter including Winter Break

3. Follow the steps that are listed in the application that pertains to your travel.

It is required that you get department head and dean signatures on your Travel 1A form for your travel to be processed by the International Center.
Please do not use your cell phone to register.
 Please note that un-submitted applications that have been inactive for 14 days will be automatically withdrawn. 
Questions? Please contact the International Center at or (805) 756-6118