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Study Abroad Advising


Peer Advisor Drop-in Advising Hours

begin September 30, 2019 

Mon / Tues / Weds / Thurs

10:00-11:00 AM & 2:00-4:00 PM 

Bldg 52 Rm E32 


Major: Economics
Minor: Law and Society
Study Abroad Program: USAC London, England; Fall 2018 
Fall Quarter 2019 Advising Hours: M: 10-11, 2-4, W: 10-11,2-4

Hello! My name is Allie Blake and I am a fourth year Economics student. I studied abroad in London last fall and it was my most memorable experience from college. I took a lot of Economics courses at the university I went to which was so cool to take these classes in a different setting with people from all over the world. I look forward to helping students find the perfect place for them to study and explore! 
Kira PA
Major: Anthropology and Geography
Study Abroad Program: Cal Poly Global Program in Thailand, Summer 2018
Fall Quarter 2019 Advising Hours: Tu: 10-11, Th: 10-11

Hi there! My name is Kira Dowdakin and I'm a third year Anthropology and Geography major with a concentration in Environmental Studies and Sustainability. I studied abroad in Chiang Mai, Thailand with the Cal Poly Abroad Program in the Summer of 2018. I am absolutely in love with everything to do with traveling, learning about different cultures, and exploring nature in all forms, and was lucky to experience all three in depth during my time in Southeast Asia. I'm so excited to help guide others through peer advising so they can have a rewarding and unique experience as well!

Roee PA
Major: Computer Engineering
Study Abroad Program: Cal Poly International Exchange, Munich University of Applied Sciences, Spring Semester 2019
Fall Quarter 2019 Advising Hours: Tu: 2-4, Th: 10-11, 2-4

My name is Roee Landesman and I’m a rising 4th year studying Computer Engineering. I was originally born in Jerusalem, Israel and moved to the states at the age of five where I have lived ever since. Thankfully the travel bug “bit” me when I was very young, and thus planning journeys and adventuring have been true passions of mine for many years. It’s hard to pick a single favorite experience because every trip is an opportunity for new lessons, experiences, tastes, and sights. My goal as a study abroad advisor is to work closely with each student to find a program that matches the individual such that they can get the most of their experience in all aspects. 

Emma Peer Advisor EMMA PETERSEN
Major: Architecture
Minor: Sustainable Environments & History
Study Abroad Program: Cal Poly Global Program: Sustainability in Nicaragua , Spring Break 2017; CIEE Summer Open Campus Program in Berlin, Germany and Dublin, Ireland, Summer 2017; Cal Poly Global Program: Architecture in Rome, Fall 2018
Fall Quarter 2019 Advising Hours: M: 10-11, W: 10-11, Th: 10-11, 2-4
Hi all! My name is Emma Petersen and I am a fifth year Architecture student with minors in History and Sustainable Environments. I took part in the Cal Poly Global Program (CPGP): Sustainability in Nicaragua during Spring Break 2017; the CIEE Summer Open Campus Program in Berlin, Germany and Dublin, Ireland in 2017; and the CPGP: Architecture in Rome this past Fall. Studying abroad has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally, to further my understanding of different cultural perspectives and traditions, and to enhance my college experience! I can’t even begin to express how excited I am to help guide you through the process of selecting and preparing (academically, financially, and personally) for your own unique adventure(s) abroad! 

Major: Biochemistry
Minor: German
Study Abroad Program: USAC Lüneburg, Fall 2018
Spring Quarter 2019 Advising Hours: M: 2-4, Tu: 10-11, 2-4, W: 2-4

My name is Leandre Ravatt and I am in my fourth year of the Biochemistry program here at Cal Poly. If you’re a lab science major and worried about studying abroad, I would be happy to talk with you about it. Studying abroad when you’ve had a lab every quarter since your first year can be intimidating, but with the right planning you can make it work. After my quarter in Germany, I returned in summer 2019 for an internship in biomedical research. To me, the most valuable part of studying abroad is putting things, people, and ideas in perspective by connecting with other international students in a foreign country. My goal is to help other students navigate the difficult planning that it takes to study abroad with as little stress as possible.

Matt PA
Major: Political Science
Study Abroad Program: USAC, Luneburg, Germany, Fall 2018
Fall Quarter 2019 Advising Hours: M: 10-11, Tu: 10-11, W: 10-11

Hey there! My name is Matt Renfro and I am a third year Political Science major with a concentration in global politics. I studied abroad in Lüneburg, Germany last fall with USAC and it was one of the best experiences of my life. In addition to learning about different cultures and navigating societies very different than those I was used to, I made life-long friends and had experiences I will always cherish. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity of providing my peers with advice and direction so you too can embark on your own study abroad journey and make amazing memories.

Jasmine PA
Major: Business Administration
Concentration: Information Systems
Minor: History
Study Abroad Program: SIT Study Abroad, Switzerland: Banking, Finance and Social Responsibility
Fall Quarter 2019 Advising Hours: M: 2-4, Tu: 2-4, W: 2-4, Th: 2-4

My name is Jasmine Valsaint and I’m a fourth year Business Administration major concentrating in Information Systems with a minor in History. I studied abroad in Switzerland with SIT fall of my junior year. The program focused on Banking, Finance, and Social Responsibility with one month spent in Greece. Besides being in the classroom, most of my abroad experience consisted of hiking, eating, and learning about other cultures through travel. Studying abroad was one of the most pivotal experiences I’ve had in college and I can’t wait to help you discover the magic of going abroad!


Montana graduate intern 1MONTANA EPPS 
Graduate Program: Higher Education Counseling & Student Affairs
Study Abroad Programs
: UCLA Spain, Yonsei University in South Korea, Maria Montessori in Peru
Appointment Hours: Tu: 11am-1pm, W: 11am-1pm, Th: 12-1pm & 2-4pm

My name is Montana Epps and I am a graduate student in the Higher Education Counseling and Student Affairs program here at Cal Poly. My experience studying abroad started in high school when I lived in Peru for a semester during my junior year. Once I went on to college, I knew I had to continue exploring the world and learning from other cultures. So, to complete my foreign language requirement, I studied in Spain the summer of 2017. Still seeking adventure and the last few units I needed for my degree, I decided to study abroad again in South Korea the summer of 2018. Without a doubt, studying abroad has opened my eyes to all sorts of wonderful experiences, but most importantly, it led me to finding my passion for study abroad advising. I believe travel is the best form of education and what better way to learn and explore the world than by studying abroad! Please don't hesitate to drop by the office for an appointment. I can't wait to show you all the amazing places you can go!