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Study Abroad Advising

Peer Advising & 101 Workshops

Advising information is below. Have a question now? Feel free to email with any questions.

Study Abroad 101 Workshops101 module computer

All students are encouraged to begin their study abroad journey with a 101 workshop. These workshops will guide you through critical steps in the study abroad process, such as goal setting, financial and academic planning, program selection, and the application process. You will also have the chance to begin your 101 Advising Module, which is required before you can access Study Abroad Advising Services. 

Advising Instructions


**NOTE: Peer Advising during December 5th, 6th, and 7th will be virtual only. No Drop-in appointments are available!**

First, please ensure that you have completed your 101 Advising Module. We encourage you sign up for a Study Abroad 101 Workshop as well because many of your initial questions can be answered in both the workshop and advising module. Once you have completed the requirement, you are able to meet with a Peer Advisor and/or a professional staff member. If you have scheduled a meeting and have yet to complete the 101 Advising Module, you will be referred to do so by the advising team and asked to reschedule your meeting for a later date.

Second, please check the schedule below to confirm when Advising will be available. If you would like to schedule a time to meet with an advisor, please use the link below to find a time that works for you. Both In-Person and Virtual Advising options are available. 

  • If you choose a Virtual Meeting, you will receive an email with a link to your Zoom Meeting. Please make sure you add this to your calendar.
  • If you choose an In-Person Meeting, please check-in with our main reception desk in Building 52, Room E-32 a few minutes before the scheduled start time.

If you would like to drop-in without an appointment, please check-in with our main reception desk in Building 52, Room E-32. Please understand that our advisors can only meet with you as they are available. If there is no advisor available, you may need to schedule a meeting in the future. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


All of our Peer Advisors are trained to advise on all of our study abroad programs. However, you are welcome to read through each Peer Advisor's Bio (see below) to determine if there is a certain advisor with whom you want to meet. If you wish to meet with a specific advisor, you can email and request to meet with them.


Advising Schedule

  • Mondays: 10 am to noon and 1 pm to 3 pm
  • Tuesdays: 10 am to 11 am and 1 pm to 3 pm
  • Wednesdays: 10 am to noon and 1pm to 3 pm
  • Thursdays: 10 am to noon and 1 pm to 3 pm
  • Notes:
    • You can schedule in-person or virtual advising appointments
    • Peer Advising will not occur between November 21st -November 25th
    • The final day of Peer Advising for Fall Quarter will be December 7th.
    • Peer Advising during December 5th, 6th, and 7th will be virtual only. No drop-in appointments available.
    • Winter Quarter Advising Hours are forthcoming. Check this site regularly for updates.

Meet our 2022-23 Study Abroad Peer Advisors


Emma Peer Advisor
Major: Biology
Study Abroad Program: Semester at Sea - Spring 2022

Hi! My name is Emma , and I am a fourth-year student here at Cal Poly majoring in biology. I recently studied abroad with Semester at Sea on the 129th voyage where I was able to travel all around Europe on a ship. Each country brought something unique and taught me that there is so much this world has to offer. This voyage was the first trip back for Semester at Sea since the pandemic and I am extremely grateful for the experience and the people I met. I am so excited to now help you with your study abroad journey so that you too can have one of the best experiences!


Giovanna Peer Advisor
Major: Business Administration - Information Systems
Minor: Italian and Integrated Marketing Communications
Study Abroad Program: USAC University of Turin, Italy - Fall 2021

Ciao! My name is Giovanna (she/her/hers) and I am a fourth year student studying Business Administration with a concentration in Information Systems. During the fall of my junior year I studied abroad in Torino, Italy. Through this experience I immersed myself in the culture of the small city I studied in, while meeting other students from around the globe. I had the opportunity to travel to new cities, try new food, and make memories I will never forget. I had the most life-changing experience and now I want to help you find yours! 


Leona PA
Major: Business Administration - Information Systems
Minor: Event Planning and Experience Management
Study Abroad Program: CEA Florence, Italy: Marketing & Sustainable Business - Fall 2021

Hi! My name is Leona, and I am a 4th year Business Administration major concentrating in Information Systems. I studied abroad in Florence, Italy during Fall Quarter of my Junior Year and had the most amazing time meeting new people and traveling throughout all of Europe! Studying abroad has been one of my favorite moments and I hope to help you study abroad as well!


MIchelle Peer Advisor
Major: Graphic Communication
Study Abroad Program: Cal Poly Exchange with Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences, Munich - Spring 2022

Hey there! My name is Michelle (she, hers), and I’m a fourth year Graphic Communication major concentrating in UX/UI. This past spring, I was able to participate in the International Exchange program and studied abroad in Munich, Germany! My experience allowed me to live life in the lens of a German student, make friends with students from around the world, and gain the confidence to solo-travel (ask me about Couchsurfing, an app for affordable stays with locals in any country)! I can’t wait to meet you and help you find your best-fit program, so put yourself out there and embrace the discomfort!


Shaan PA
Major: Business Administration - Information System
Study Abroad Program: CEA Florence, Italy: Liberal Arts & Italian Culture - Fall 2021

Hi, my name is Shaan, and I am a fourth year Information Systems student. I grew up in the bay area and as a young kid I always knew I wanted to study aboard. During the fall quarter of my junior year I was fortunate enough to spend my time in Florence, Italy. I had an absolutely incredible 4 months which inspired me to apply to become an advisor when I got back. I love to be outdoors and will continue my traveling adventures when I graduate, but in the meantime, I am very excited to help you find your study abroad destination.


Major: Computer Science
Study Abroad Program: International student studying at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Hi! My name is Siddharth, and I am a third-year Computer Science major. I am an international student from India and have seen first-hand the value that an international experience adds to your academic and overall development. I love traveling, exploring new places, discovering new experiences, and most importantly meeting new people. I like finding the similarities and differences between cultures across the world and how it reflects in people’s thinking and problem-solving skills. Now, I look forward to helping you discover your memorable international experience. 
Meet our Study Abroad Graduate Intern


Justin Peer Advisor

Major: Higher Education Counseling and Student Affairs, M.S.
Study Abroad Program: Hofstra University European Odyssey

Hi y’all! My name is Justin (he/him/his), and I am so excited to help assist y’all in figuring out your next big adventure! My study abroad was one of the best experiences of my undergraduate career/life and I want to try and help as many students experience the thrill, exploration, and ride that a study abroad offers! I learned so much about different cultures and people throughout my study abroad and it really showed me that I love to learn from others and figure out what I can do to help them reach their goals.  Now, I am obviously bias in saying that I think studying abroad is something that everyone should do while in college, but I do believe that there is a study abroad program for everyone! So, if you want to explore your options or just have any questions don’t hesitate to come on by and we can find that best program for you together!