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While Abroad

While Abroad
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Share your adventures abroad with the Cal Poly community!  #LearnByGoing 

PolyPlanner Instructions
  1. While abroad you should regularly check your Cal Poly email messages.
  2. You should not have any courses planned for the terms in which you will be away from Cal Poly on Study Abroad, or for any leave of absence.  Your PolyPlanner should only include courses you plan to take here at Cal Poly.  
  3. Indicate your plans to study abroad in your PolyPlanner by selecting the choice of "on study abroad or exchange program.
  4. To keep your future registration priority, follow the directions in each of the PolyPlanner emails.  The Office of the Registrar will specify which terms you should update, which term you should plan (if any), and which future registration (if any) will be impacted if you don’t login by a specified date.  If you are away, you will still be responsible for logging in by the specified date to keep your registration priority for the term that you return to campus.   
  5. For up to date information on PolyPlanner please visit the PolyPlanner FAQ page. 

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