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Workshops & Info Sessions

Study Abroad 101

Your first step towards studying abroad is completing the Study Abroad 101 Module.

The Study Abroad 101 Module will guide you through goal setting, financial and academic planning, program selection, and the application process. This should be your first step in the study abroad process as many of your general questions will be covered in this important, self-paced, online module. 

The Study Abroad 101 Module is similar to a self-guided online course that can be done on your own time and in multiple sittings. We also continue to offer optional Study Abroad 101 Workshop as a companion to our online module so students can jump start their study abroad journey with the help of an experienced peer advisor!

In-person 101 Workshops will not be offered this year due to COVID-19, but we will continue to offer virtual Study Abroad 101 Workshops weekly! Spring 2021 workshops will be offered every Tuesday from 10:10am - 11am through June 01 and can be accessed via Zoom.

Study Abroad 101 Module



In addition to completing the Study Abroad 101 Module, you are encouraged to attend one or more program-specific Info Sessions.  

At these sessions, you will learn more detailed information (and be able to ask questions) about specific programs or topics.  No registration is necessary.  See you there!