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Virtual Exchange Resources


What is Virtual Exchange?

Virtual exchange is an excellent way for faculty to internationalize their students’ education in meaningful, accessible, and innovative ways. 
There is a wide expanse of different types of virtual international exchange models, ranging from classroom-to-classroom exchanges, faculty-led programs, virtual study abroad programs, project-based collaboration, language exchanges, various types of active curriculum internationalization, peer-to-peer learning opportunities, cross-cultural activities, and collaboration with experts and industry leaders across borders and cultures. 
Faculty can use virtual exchange to enhance the classes they teach at Cal Poly, and/or they can design entire virtual exchange programs as alternatives to traditional faculty-led study abroad programs.  The Cal Poly International Center is here to help!    
Virtual exchange activities that faculty can incorporate into their classes or programs include but are not limited to virtual guest lecturers, city tours, museum and other site visits, language and culture peer exchanges, hands-on activities, collaborative learning, industry visits, problem-solving sessions, project-based collaboration, and more.  Use the resources below to learn more, then contact the International Center for assistance ( 

Virtual Exchange Resources for Faculty


Virtual Exchanges at Cal Poly - Call for Proposals


The Cal Poly International Center (CPIC) is seeking proposals from full-time Cal Poly faculty to integrate virtual exchange activities into their course curriculum for courses taught Fall 2021-Summer 2022. Virtual exchange is an excellent way for faculty to internationalize their students’ education in meaningful, accessible, and innovative ways. Benefits of curriculum internationalization include introducing students to an interconnected world, promoting digital literacy, and fostering cultural appreciation and understanding. Virtual exchanges play a critical role in helping students gain access to intercultural learning, and provide more opportunities for our students to develop meaningful, cross-cultural competencies prior to graduation without the commitment of physically going abroad.

 (Deadline April 01, 2021)

Faculty Testimonials on Virtual Exchange

Check out the amazing things Cal Poly faculty are doing with Virtual Exchange and Virtual Study Abroad!  

Consult the International Center about bringing Virtual Study Abroad to your students!

The Cal Poly International Center is committed to creating and offering opportunities for students to increase global competencies and intercultural learning. Virtual exchange is an essential component to accessibility in international opportunities. International Center staff are available on a consultative basis to go over options in virtual international exchange as well as to facilitate connections with our international partners. Additionally, CPIC staff are available to support creating virtual international programs through the self-support model.  

If you are a Cal Poly faculty member who wants to learn more about how you can harness Virtual International Exchange in your classroom, we encourage you to contact us!  We are eager to assist.  Contact a Global Programs staff member at the International Center  to schedule a Zoom consultation.