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USAC Visiting Professors

University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) Visiting Professor ProgramVisiting professors are selected from the Consortium universities to teach on a temporary basis on a USAC Program Abroad. Faculty often apply to teach in the summer or during a sabbatical.

USAC appoints faculty with the following abilities:
  • Can teach courses in the humanities, social sciences, business, economics, tourism, education, environmental sciences, African studies, and biology

  • Can offer at least one course that specifically relates to the teaching site, region or nation, or is clearly international in nature; the language of instruction may be English or the relevant foreign language (Spanish, French, etc.)

  • Will have student evaluation summaries that reflect superior teaching abilities and written approval from their supervisor

  • Are flexible regarding international living and working conditions and are enthusiastic about experiencing local culture with their students

  • Are willing to contribute to the host university in addition to teaching the selected courses

  • Are willing to publicize the opportunity to study abroad with them
Interested faculty should contact Monica Schechter at, Associate Director for Study Abroad and International Programs, for the USAC Visiting Professor Application Form. Monica Schechter's office is located in Building 52, Room E-32. Her phone number is 805-756-5964.