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So you want to study abroad?  Follow these simple steps! 

#1 Browse Cal Poly approved study abroad programs.  
There are over 500 Cal Poly approved study abroad programs in 75 countries. 
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#2 Attend a mandatory Study Abroad 101 Workshop. 
This workshop covers academic planning, financial planning, program selection, and the application process. At the workshop, you will be guided through the required  .
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#2.5 (for 3rd year Architecture students only): Apply for Architecture Department Nominations
#3 Apply for a study abroad program!
Need help?  See a Study Abroad Peer Advisor, or email  
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Explore programs by category
Cal Poly Global Programs: Cal Poly courses taught in English by Cal Poly faculty in a variety of global destinations. Study abroad with Cal Poly for a quarter, summer, or spring break. Earn Cal Poly credit towards your major, minor, and GEs. Cal Poly International Exchange Programs: International Exchange opportunities are available for semester or academic year. Options in the College of Engineering and the College of Architecture and Environmental Design. Earn Cal Poly or transfer credit towards your major or minor. CSU International Programs: Academic year programs for students from all universities within the CSU system. Immersion programs at over 50 distinguished universities in 18 countries. Earn CSU credit towards your major, minor, and GEs.
Cal Poly Partner Programs: Study abroad with U.S. and international students for a summer, semester, or academic-year. Internship, work-abroad, and volunteer opportunities available Earn transfer credit towards your major, minor, and GEs. National Student Exchange: Domestic exchange opportunities at more than 190 universities are available for up to one year. Study “abroad” in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, or the U.S. Virgin Islands. Earn transfer credit towards your major, minor, and GEs. Non-Affiliated (Independent) Study Programs: If you prefer not to study abroad on a Cal Poly Approved program, you have the option to study abroad independently on an outside program. Studying abroad independently requires careful academic, financial, and logistical planning. Follow the ‘Guidelines for Non-Affiliated Study Abroad’ established by the Cal Poly International Center when planning your independent study abroad experience.

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