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International Center Fee

All students participating on Cal Poly-approved study abroad/away programs administered through Cal Poly must pay the non-reversible/non-refundable International Center (IC) Fee (currently $420 starting with summer 2024 programs).

This fee is in addition to program tuition and other charges, and it supports the administration of study abroad/away at Cal Poly, which typically includes professional and peer advising, marketing and outreach, application processing, pre-departure guidance, orientation and workshops, program and advising materials, support while on your study abroad/away program, and more.

The IC Fee is applied on a per program basis. For students applying to multiple programs or non-sequential terms with the same program, the IC Fee will be charged once per program, per non-sequential term. For Cal Poly Global Programs, the IC Fee is currently part of the non-refundable/non-reversible deposit.

At the time that your study abroad/away application is approved and moved to Committed status in the system and a decision letter is issued, you will have seven (7) calendar days to withdraw from participation in the program and not be assessed the IC Fee. After the 7-day window, you are liable for the IC fee, regardless of whether the fee has been posted to your Cal Poly Student Account. You are also responsible for the fee if you cancel or withdraw from your program more than seven days after after receiving notification that your Cal Poly application was approved.

The IC fee is non-reversible/non-refundable and cannot be deferred until federal financial aid is disbursed for the term you are studying abroad/away. For further information on payment policies for Cal Poly Global Programs, see the specific cost/budgeting information for each program.  

Students participating in virtual study abroad/study away programs or approved for International Travel will be assessed a non-reversible/non-refundable $200 International Center Fee.