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Cal Poly wants to make study abroad and study away accessible to all students, but we also want students to be successful while participating in these off-campus experiences. 

As such, we require that students seeking to study abroad or study away meet the following conditions:

  • Have and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 or higher (higher ed and Cal Poly) at the time of application and before participation. You must also meet the minimum requirements of the proposed program.  Please note that some of our programs do require a higher GPA for consideration or acceptance.

  • Not be on academic probation leading up to or during program participation.

  • Be in good disciplinary standing. For students with a disciplinary record, you must be off of disciplinary probation by the start date of your program. You may not have an open case, incomplete sanctions, or a history of serious conduct violations.  

  • Have a demonstrated ability to be successful abroad/away. This may include the demonstrated ability to successfully complete a full-time course load during the regular academic year (at least 12 units/quarter); no history of excessive course Withdrawals or Incompletes; no record of repeatedly falling into academic probation.

  • ​Not plan to study in a country with a US Department of State Travel Advisory of Level 3 or higher or in a country on the CSU High Hazard list.

  • ​Complete all Cal Poly application and pre-departure requirements and be approved to participate. You must also be accepted into the program itself.  Failure to complete pre-departure requirements may result in the removal of approval to study abroad/study away. 

If, after being approved to study abroad/study away and accepted to your program, you no longer meet these requirements, approval to participate may be withdrawn.  It is your responsibility to notify the International Center of any changes to your eligibility, and failure to do so may result in your removal from the program.

Please also note that Cal Poly and the International Center reserve the right to revoke a student’s application and/or participation for any reason beyond eligibility requirements when a student’s likelihood of having a safe and successful experience abroad/away is in jeopardy or when a student engages in aggressive, demeaning, rude, or otherwise unacceptable behavior with International Center or partner program staff or faculty.



  1. Students planning to study abroad/study away in the senior year should consult with an academic advisor in their college to ensure they can complete on-campus requirements and meet the residency requirement for graduation.

  2. You must be a matriculated and continuing Cal Poly student for the duration of your program. Your expected graduation term must be after the end of your study abroad/study away program and you cannot extend your graduation term for the sole purpose of studying abroad. If you have a personally or academically justifiable reason for a graduation extension, you may submit a formal request to the Registrar’s Office. More information can be found on the Graduation Process webpage.

  3. Please also be aware that it may take up to three months for your program transcript to be sent to Cal Poly and two quarters for your courses to be processed by the Registrar's Office. This may significantly delay your graduation date.