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Cal Poly Global Programs

CP Global Programs
Cal Poly Global Programs are international academic programs designed by one or more Cal Poly faculty members in collaboration with the Cal Poly International Center.

Cal Poly Global Programs provide faculty with opportunities to share their international expertise with students, and to teach Cal Poly courses abroad. Programs vary in academic and learning objectives, location, duration, excursions and cultural activities, and cost.  The Cal Poly International Center administers several multidisciplinary Campuswide Cal Poly Global Programs, and also works with faculty to develop new programs. All faculty must be approved by their department chair and college dean to participate.

Apply to teach on a Campuswide Program

Campuswide programs in Australia, Spain, Thailand, and the United Kingdom are administered by the International Center every year.  These are established, ongoing programs with proven track records and set structures.  Cal Poly faculty may apply to teach on one of these programs.
Priority is given to faculty who:

  • Have a record of teaching excellence
  • Have demonstrated active involvement with students on campus or abroad
  • Offer major or minor course(s) appropriate for the program
  • Offer upper division GE courses (C4, D5, F) or a combination of GE classes
  • Are willing and able to work collaboratively with the International Center to lead the program
  • Have on-campus availability at least two quarters prior to and after the program to actively market the program and recruit participants
  • Have language proficiency, where applicable 
Application Deadlines
Selection of faculty to teach on Campuswide Cal Poly Global Programs is determined by the International Programs Committee (IPC).  Once decisions have been made, they will be announced by the Director of the International Center.  
Application Deadline
Cal Poly in Australia
Winter 2019
November 15, 2017
Cal Poly in Spain 
Summer 2019
March 15, 2018
Cal Poly in Spain 
Fall 2019
March 15, 2018
Cal Poly in Thailand  
Summer 2019
March 15, 2018
Cal Poly in London  Summer 2019 March 15, 2018

Campuswide Application
Soon accepting applications for Australia Winter 2019


Honors Abroad Experiences
Currently, enrollment in Cal Poly University Honors Program consists of approximately 400 students. Based on survey results, over two-thirds of incoming Honors students plan to study abroad while attending Cal Poly.  Therefore, to address this demand and to serve its students, the Honors Program is collaborating with Cal Poly faculty members and the International Center to link Honors experiences with existing Global Programs.   Interested in learning about opportunities to work with Honors students abroad?  If so, please contact the University Honors Program at  Limited professional development funds are available to support the design and implementation of Honors abroad experiences.  Gregg Fiegel is the Honors Program Director.  

Propose a New or Renewing Program

thumbnail_call for proposalsTwice per year, the International Center accepts proposals for new and renewing Cal Poly Global Programs.  The review process is competitive, and proposals are reviewed by the International Programs Committee and key members of IGEE.  Decisions are made and announced by the Director of the International Center.  View the Call for Proposals

Priority is given to faculty who:
  • Propose programs that fulfill major, minor, or GE requirements
  • Have the potential to garner sufficient interest for 20+ participants in the program
  • Have experience and expertise in the program location
  • Offer a minimum of 4 units on the program and adhere to the two unit per week maximum
  • Address curricular areas not supported by existing faculty-led programs
  • Offer opportunities in countries or regions where Cal Poly has few or no current programs
  • Emphasize increasing the accessibility of study abroad, focusing on students in underrepresented populations (e.g., students of color, students with disabilities, students from low-income households, etc.) 
Term Proposal Deadline
Winter, Spring Break, and Spring 2019 Programs  November 15, 2017
Summer and Fall 2019 Programs April 1, 2018 
Winter, Spring Break, and Spring 2020 Programs  November 15, 2018

Proposal Form
Soon accepting applications for Winter, Spring Break, and Spring 2019 programs


Before proposing a new Cal Poly Global Program, faculty are encouraged to arrange an initial meeting with the Global Programs staff at the International Center (  Please also read the CPGP Development Guide and check out the other Faculty Resources.

Apply for a Travel Grant to develop a New Program

For the upcoming academic year, the Cal Poly International Center will accept modest grant requests to support international travel of faculty members for the purpose of developing new Cal Poly Global Programs.  Grants can help fund visits to single sites or to multiple sites within one country or world region.  Faculty members who hold appropriate credentials to teach Cal Poly courses and who are in their second or higher year on the faculty are eligible to apply; faculty must have the full support of their department chair and college dean.  View the most recent Travel Grant Announcement.  

Grant Amounts
Grant requests of up to $3,000 will be reviewed.  Qualifying expenses may include: round-trip travel costs (airfare, baggage costs, ground transportation), appropriate per diem (actual costs of lodging/meals up to but not exceeding the published federal rates), local costs related directly to programmatic research, and travel insurance. 

Competitive Funding Priorities 
  • Documented matching funds from the applicant’s department and/or college, personal research fund, or other source
  • Program development in countries or regions where Cal Poly has few or no current programs
  • Academic disciplines not currently well represented in faculty-led programs
  • Emphasis on accessibility to students of limited economic means and in underrepresented populations
  • Interdisciplinary courses and/or inclusion of GE courses 
Service Provider Stipulation  
Applicants must intend to work with one of Cal Poly’s approved Service Providers, or submit a justification as to the credentials of another Service Provider or host institution.  
Grant Cycle June 2018 - May 2019
Grant Application Deadline March 15, 2018

Travel Grant Application
Soon accepting applications for the 2018-19 travel cycle

Faculty are encouraged to consult the Global Programs staff at the International Center with any questions or to discuss their ideas for program development ( 

CPGP Faculty Resources 

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Faculty Resources

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Proposing a new program:
what to expect

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