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High Hazard Countries
The CSU considers a destination to be "high hazardous" if the country you are traveling to has a "Travel Warning" and/or is listed on the "California State University Risk Management Authority (CSURMA)" list. Your travel packet must address the safety, security and health information provided by the US Department of State. Please be sure to abide by the high-hazard deadlines listed below.

Individual student/faculty/staff travel
  • 30 days in advance for international travel to non-hazardous destinations
  • 60 days in advance for international travel to high hazardous destinations
Group student/faculty/staff travel
  • 90 days in advance for international travel to non-hazardous destinations
  • 120 days in advance for international travel to high hazardous destinations
  • 180 days in advance for international travel that requires a fee collection by Cal Poly